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Saturday Night's all right

Saturday night’s all right for fighting get a little action in, the song says. Unfortunately, our fighting Senators will not be in action tonight.

Good news, they can’t be embarrassed like most games on this road trip. Bad news, can’t watch the kid line or Nick (The Beast) Paul continue to grow up as true NHL’ers and hopefully corner stones in the organization for years to come.

OK, we seen some great shifts and even periods on this road trip, but SENS LUCK happens and the pucks in your net. I’m hoping one day SENS LUCK means something good is about to happen instead of bad.

I like the young guys; Dorion has done a good job collecting some of the most talented players I have seen in a Senators uniform. Batherson, (please don’t jink me) looks a little like a young Mark Stone; his hand and vision are great. In the last game against the Canucks, he intercepted (Stoned I call it) a pass 2 feet off the ice. Norris has impressed as well. White was out to prove he belongs in this line up.

The lack of pre-seasons games and lack of practice time is certainly compounding the fact that this team has so many new pieces trying to fit together and learn a new system. But you know who has had nothing but practice since the NHL season began? Logan Brown, Erik Brännström, Alex Formenton, Lassi Thomson and others who should be champing at the bit to play a real game.

I can’t wait to see what Smith does with his ever-changing line up when the Senators return home February 6th to face the Montreal Canadians in a Saturday match up. Will we see Logan Brown, Erik Brännström or Alex Formenton? If the Senators can’t get a win tomorrow or Tuesday in Edmonton, or a win Thursday in Montreal. I would have to think all bets are off with DJ Smith’s line up.

Saturday night may be all right for fighting Saturday February 6th, but this game is a 1:00 PM. So please let there be a fight in this team on that Saturday afternoon.

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